There's an Octopus Climbing Up My Leg... Racket Sport

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Our absolute BEST seller! Alright... we are a sucker (pun intended) for a darker booty, and inner/ outer thigh region because it's oh so flattering. The fact these feature an upside down octopus climbing up your leg? Just a bonus. We love the energy of this pair, it gives us the extra boost to bang a backhand, keep us light on our toes out of the kitchen, and fire up our forehand swinging volley (and think we look like Serena Williams while doing so.) 

Our legging is 7/8 length, so perfect for your cooler court-time. Our 73% Polyester, 27% Spandex gives the perfect kiss of compression and support for your juiciest battles, clinics, yoga sesh, and court-time with the girls. 

** This style is a full size small! It was from our very first order, and was mislabeled :( For example, our size large is actually a size medium! Please reference the size chart below for the true sizing of this exact style. Our Rainbow He'e & Push Pop Octo Drop are also from the first order, and we are happy to have have fixed this for our other designs! Please refer to the size guidelines below so you can love your Chtapodi as much as we do!! XO 

4-6 8-10