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paintings on leggings
paintings on leggings

You're wearing actual art, painted by real artists

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Tennis Court Paintings On Leggings | Founder Scoop

Our founder, Tess, played tennis at ISU and then traveled between Palm Desert, Tokyo and Asheville and as a lady boss tennis director. She's spent tens of thousands of hours on court. (She's embarrassed to admit that one of her great childhood friends was a ball machine named Bobo. Yes, you heard us.... Bobo). During her many hours on court she craved having a pair of leggings that actually functioned FOR TENNIS.

The slick ball pocket (2-3 balls per side, or 1-2 pickleballs per side) gives you fast, easy access to more balls. The mesh side panels will keep you cool for your juiciest matches. You'll never need (or want) another pair of leggings for the courts ever again. GAME. SET. MATCH, bby.

More deets about us:

Discover a new dimension in fashion with Chtapodi Collective, your ultimate destination (and bff) for wearable art that transcends the ordinary. Elevate your style game and ignite your passion for creativity with our exclusive collections of "art you wear” including Court Queen, Yoga, and Crops - where each piece tells a story through art and becomes a canvas for self-expression. (H&$* yeah, babe!)

We love to explore the fusion of art and fashion with our stunning range of leggings that redefine the conventional. Dive into a world of beachside tacos (jk) vibrant colors and mesmerizing designs as you explore our selection of yoga leggings adorned with intricate paintings inspired by animals, nature, culture, and the boundless depths of imagination. We can't wait to join you on your next adventure from courtside to seaside xo

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