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By "Models" we mean real, inspirational, kick*ss women in our community


Tess and Hayley were middle school besties! We're talking the best caramel corn, sleepover parties evaaaa. Hayley's also a pro dancer & taught Tess a routine to "Super Nova Girl" for the middle school talent show. She's now a boss babe doc of chiropractics and lives her best beach life.


OMG we love Kara. Yes, she's a yoga instructor, but our girl is also living the homestead lifestyle! From gardens to goats, our girl's goal is to live off the land. She's married to a marine (like founder Tess) and is a total a foodie!


Nachelle is an Asheville unicorn! Born and raised here, she has SEVEN (yes, seven) kids! She does incredible work for Changing Hears Boarding School & Ministry and also loves to keep fit for her hiking trips in the Italian Alps.


Okay, so Michelle IS an actor, producer, and badass Hollywood director, and happens to be our founder's sister & BFF. She is a black belt in Wushu (if you've seen The Legend of Bruce Lee, she plays Linda Lee), pro swim instructor (and author of empowering book A Mermaid's Guide), has three kids, and is one of the coolest chicks we know!


Our girl Dana!! What Dana loves most is her three doodle doggies (who are insta famous @axezeedoodles)! We met Dana at barre, and babe is a doctor of nutrition, and after five years of knowing her, we found out she did runway fashion while living in DC! She's so down to earth, modest, and high vibe!


Dani is a boss babe with errryyyything dance/ fitness! She's a pro dancer (like, pointe, modern, rocking amazing tutus downtown Asheville for ballet photo shoots), cheer instructor, and BARRE! We love this babe!


Hailing from Portland & Hawaii, Ellen's a swimmer and surfer babe. Oh yea, and she's the bad*ss founder of Scorch Fitness (lagree) in Asheville, NC. She loves to run, play tennis and hang with her cats. We love her YES attitude!


Luisa & Founder Tess met at her art studio in Asheville and immediately connected with time spent in Tulum & Tokyo (and reminiscing about the TORO, OMG.) Luisa's been to Egypt, Ireland, Berlin, Tulum, St. John, San Juan, you name it! We love this babe & are ready to pack our bags to go with her on her next adventure.


This chick is a badass! Former firefighter, Lindsey loves crossfit and is a yoga, barre, and lagree instructor! She loves her doggies, climbed Kili (we're SO jelly & pumped for her) and throws the absolute craziest 4th of July parties! DM us for deets :D


Babe Belle lives in San Diego and is a professional lockesmith (like... what? How cool is that?) Our founder met Belle through fellow tennis pro & roommate in 2014 when coaching out at the desert! Belle loves yoga, sunshine & tennis is one of the sweetest, kindest chicks ever!


Annie ran track in college & now is the lady boss as Wellness Director at The Cliffs Asheville. She loves spending time with her daughter, camping & was one of our founders party people in NOLA. That's a story for another time.

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